01-08-16 Superheroes

Monday 1st August 2016

Tonight a first: our very own multigenerational dance party at Hartley Manor; one that included superhero dress-ups, great homemade food, loud toddler music, dearest friends from both Erroll and Alice’s sides, Dôra here from Australia, Kingsley and his great mate, our neighbour’s kiddie, Aayan, who by the way would not go home, but rather stayed till nearly 11pm and shared bathtime with Kingsley.

Batman (Aayan) and Spider-Man (Kingsley) grew very animated as the evening progressed. They jumped across all three couches, into walls, floors, pillows. I fed them carrots in the kitchen while the adults enjoyed Dora’s chickpea soup, lentil soup, and chicken rice on the dining table. When the boys’ high velocity activity resumed, there was some superhero confusion as Kingsley – while dressed as Spider-Man – rushes to our bedroom, pulls out a pumpkin hat from his drawers, pops it on his head, pulls it over his eyes, and proceeds to jump around the loungeroom visionless; literally launching himself into the abyss of a pile of pillows laying on the carpet. No one knew what to make of this behaviour.

In other news, Matt couldn’t take the cot home as his ute is in the shop; Vicki showed us a Tinder picture of her new Lenanese love; Erroll hurried Matt out due to the chaos in the house, insisting they go get a drink down the road; Aayan would not go home so ended up bathing with Kingsley. I did not stop bending down throughout the night clearing mess / cleaning up food / picking up pillows / ensuring bath water remained tepid / grabbing toys from Kingsley as he readied them as launch material / stopped many times little Aayan from being bashed/smothered/drowned by a brutish Kingsley.

All in all a fabulous night in, really!