02-07-19 Twins: Oma Visits

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

A truly magical visit from Oma today. The babies chipper, chatty, singing and smiling. For each cute song Oma would sing the babies coo and squeak.

Elektra is all laughter with the occasional seagull squall from over exuberance; most contagious! Keanu peeled away his stoic poker face to reveal twinkling eyes and a delightful pink ‘O’ of a mouth full of sounds and giggles.

As Oma cuddled Keanu I attempted to feed Elektra a bottle the water of which was boiling. Open mouthed she was to receive milk, guzzle away…then singed her tongue I did; I burnt her. Poor darling bellowed and a tear fell. Jiajia wanted to throttle me but instead cooled the milk and took charge of feeding the child while the two granmas exchanged glances. Keanu continued on his happy journey being cuddled by Oma.