10-09-16 Kingsley meets Sian

Saturday 10th September 2016

After almost eight years in Dubai, I still hold tightly to the very first friend I made all by myself, without introductions. Sian is my oldest pal in the Gulf region. We met online because we were looking for friends, both being brand new ex-pats to Dubai at the time, way back in 2008. And once connected we immediately liked the look and sound of each other, quickly establishing our friendship, introducing our husbands to one another, and all four of us became inseparable thereafter…until Sian and Morgan moved away to Doha.

Still we kept in contact, and through these seven years Sian has been in Qatar, we have always ‘been there’ for one another. Marriages, marriage breakdowns, divorces, surgeries, travels to see one another, Christmases, new loves, IVF and babies being born…non stop fodder for our friendship. No judgments, just deep understanding.

So when Sian contacted me asking whether I’d like to spend the day with her and Craig her dashing new husband, I jumped. Across the road from where we live, at the Crowne Plaza’s rooftop pool we all met, hugged, and got down to the business of being great mates. Straight away I got along with dashing Craig, the newlyweds took to Kingsley like one of their own (Craig has three!) and naturally Sian and I regressed to the cute friends we were back in the day discovering all the best spots of Dubai.

This is our day in pictures, when Kingsley met Sian…

image image image image image