04-11-17 Soccer Goals!

Saturday 4th November 2017

Its Saturday morning, the day before Erroll arrives, and we’r at soccer practice. I am a true soccer mum wearing a warm jumper and tracksuit bottoms. I look like crap. Thank God for the aviator sunnies.

Kingsley however is on fire; so keen to play (play with the kiddies; not play soccer; he’s really bad at thatthat we arrive in time to watch the 8 years olds compete. He still doesn’t have proper studs on and he slides all over the pitch. Next year new soccer boots Ninni. That’s a promise.

At 11:30am all the babies begin piling into the pre-game locker room. They’re noisy and cute. Thănos, Panayiötis, Giănni and Dorøtheos make noise before Mr. Yiānni’s pre talk then the lot are joined with a couple more soccer babies for warm up, then drills then the final 20 minutes of a tiny game three-a-side. For the first time ever Kingsley put a goal in!