Kingsley: 7 minus 5 days

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Five days till our little man turns seven months. He is active and must be entertained, and what better way to do both now that the heat is on, than with a swim. During the heights of a Dubai summer its almost necessary to cool off with a swim. You see the temperatures soar to the late forties and babies become uncomfortable, let alone us big hairy adults.

So we take advantage of shorter working hours now, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, pick Kingsley up from nursery at 3pm or so, and visit the kindly security guards at our previous sky rise tower who welcome us to the roof top pool for a cheeky dip.

Yoghurt and Pool 019 Yoghurt and Pool 022 Yoghurt and Pool 023 Yoghurt and Pool 026


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