Kingsley: Swimming with Floaties

9th October 2015

How fortunate are we that a swim is but a walk away at our old tower, along the Sheikh Zayed? Having established strong relations with afew excellent neighbours back when we were residents of U.P. Tower, those very friends now allow us to use their pool facilities whenever we wish.

So its with Erroll and Oma Tina on a sultry autumn evening that Kingsley gets to practice his strokes wearing Aussie-made floaties in the rooftop pool. All I do is yelp with pride each time our champ launches himself into his Babaa’s arms; Tina all teary with the surreal vision of her two identikit boys enjoying life in front of her very eyes.

What a treat for us all this is…

Pool 017 Pool 018 Pool 020 Pool 027