Good Food Diet Day 8: 15Feb13

The crew were fixed upon a Japanese Karaoke Bar as the destination for a friend’s birthday, so I knew to dress up in heels, soften the vocal cords, and get set for bowls of deliciously hot and salty edamame. Harry Ghatto’s Bar at Emirates Towers  in Dubai’s financial district delivered the goods: pages and pages of heart-rendering ballads to choose from, whether Celine, Mariah or Dolly. I chose to trill away on the ill calibrated microphone to Lady Gaga, of course…

Cool Japanese Ale @ Harry Ghatto's Bar, DIFC Dubai

Cool Japanese Ale @ Harry Ghatto’s Bar, DIFC Dubai

You know, after a large night, and returning home frightfully late (read: puffy eyes the next morning), I without fail get the munchies, and its an impossibility to fall into a deep sleep without feeding my still buzzing system. I decided that since I am on the Righteous Eating Path, that my munchies food choices will be sensible.

Today’s intake in no particular order:

Edamame (30 cal)

Low fat yoghurt (all up, 1 kg OMG!!!) (1000cal)

Black Spanish Olives & Green Spanish Olives (200 cal)

Yellow Grapes (100 cal)

Salad (tomato, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms) (100 cal)

Gluten Free Seaweed crackers (1.5 packets OMG!@!!) (600 cal)




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