18-05-16 Anávissos

Wednesday 18th May 2016

Just back from an adventure in neighboring beach village, Anávissos. Always meaning to go but over the last two years with Kingsley I have thought it a schlepp: well, actually not. It’s been mum who has completely discouraged me to venture there, even though the bus picks us up and deposits us in ideal spots. So today, out of necessity, we go. It’s because my iPad shows 11% battery left, and I forgot the charger in Dubai. €31 later, I am hooked up. Would rather eat bread and yoghurt for two weeks than go without Internet.

Second task after purchase is find a chirrens playground and here we spend an hour. Next activity: most definitely the beach. Omg tiny green islands of the Saronic Gulf for our view!! Icecream cone on the way home on the excellent and comfortable Pullman which costs a mere €1.80 to get home.

Right now it’s 5pm, after a short nap and welcome call from mum in Sydney. Two veal sausages are down his throat and his favourite feral show is on: Rabbids. Today I go totally Greek in cuisine: fresh crusty bread, red juicy tomatoes, green olives, Greek yoghurt. Even I need a kip.

We swim this evening (not me; just K), fully submerging himself in the chill waters. I watch as does a neighbour Chris from Colorado. The kid loves it!! He gets to play with a cute 4 year old girl Theodora at the playground. Omg chasing one another, slides paying train, wanting to be next to one another at al times or egging each other on to give chase. Of course he cries when I attempt to leave the playground so he gets another 10 minutes, by which time he is exhausted and thirsty so we leave without a murmur. Two eggs and Kalamáta olives for dinner.