Kingsley: At Nursery

Monday 2nd June 2014, 5pm

You could never know with what anticipation I counted down to 5pm today – the hour at which I was to escape work – and as speedily as I could (without spilling the expressed breastmilk I was carrying: 100ml in a bottle and another precious 100ml in a milk bag) get to Hummingbird Nursery and pick up my son. Today, after all, was his first full day at daycare.

Heaven knows if I would find him crying hysterically from anxiety, or sobbing inconsolably in a corner, or half starved because I did not leave enough milk for him, or rendered poorly from receiving an infection from one of the other babies…my imagination played mischief with my mind. And receiving three phone calls during the day from the Nursery Manager, Paula, did not help my paranoia (and concomitant guilt of leaving him at daycare while I work).

King was running a temperature, Paula said. The nurse was ready to administer Calpol and she needed my consent. It was understandable that fever had set in, for last night Kingsley received his 6 month vaccinations. Being injected with bugs would turn even the happiest of babies into an irritable, agitated overheated grump. And mine was turning into one. Administer the medication away, I said!

Fast forward to exactly 5:20pm, and this was the sight my jubilant eyes beheld: a calm, sweet, alert and attentive baby boy, enjoying the last moments of his first full day at nursery…

King completely surrounded by FUN! At nursery for the first time.

King completely surrounded by FUN! At nursery for the first time.

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