Greece ’18 Week 1

13th May –

Got in to our Greek apartment at exactly 9:30pm Sunday. Onto the streets of Saronītha immediately thereafter for a delicious souvlaki from our pals at the excellent Taverna Symposio across the road (kiddo very hungry after our flight), stuff our faces, create beds then pass out. Tomorow school begins for a third term!

Kingsley didn’t miss a beat getting into the swing of school again: running through the school gate, hugging his teachers, telling his class mates how he flew on a plane from Dubai to get here. They remembered him and his name Dorötheos calling it enthusiastically in the morning.

Day One I’m hanging around reception listening for his happy voice but kind of knowing he’ll get cramped from being indoors for so many hours. Just as predicted he whines to be let out. Miss Xrisoūla knows the tricks and before long Kingsley is calm and by 11:30 I’m confident he’ll last the distance that I leave.

Day Two I actually listen to Kingsley’s counsel – only closed shoes at school, mummà. (Yesterday I embarrassed him by putting him in dreadful Jesus sandals; the shame).

Day Three is swim school so there’s great hype in the house but I kind of ruin the positive vibes by forcefully feeding the child too much breakfast to quickly. He spews out the front of our apartment block mercifully before the school bus comes to fetch him. Bad mum.

Thursday and Friday will be a breeze I am sure!