Ch. 28: Cause for Celebration

Time to consecrate this magnificent day with devotions to friendships and all sorts of reasons to carouse in the sun. What’s a cause for celebration without a pool to party in, dance-offs to the DJ and private cabanas at an exclusive resort, situated on a remote section of one of the engineering wonders of the modern world: Dubai’s Palm?

Birthday Party in the sun while 25 weeks along. And why not?!

Birthday Party in the sun while 25 weeks along. And why not?!

A triple threat at the Rixos Hotel Resort today: three birds ready to make hay while the Dubai sun shines, and all for various reasons: one just returned from long vacations in Lebanon (tanned completely topped up and looking like a starlet in a fringed bikini); the other beating the drum to her birthday (medallion about her neck, and wearing tropical-themed bathing attire), then me: fat and happy and heavily pregnant. 25 weeks along in fact.

And 25 weeks pregnancy is cause for celebration when the road to conception has been as rocky as it has for me: years of attempts, and interventions and all manner of medical methods to get us to this glorious spot: with a belly the size of a basketball, and a Seahorse swimming about inside of it. What more appropriate way to dedicate this occasion than by a circle of friendship by the seaside and seashore for the Seahorse?


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