Kingsley: Playground

7th December 2014

A full week in Greece. Sea bathing, playing with shells and pebbles, cousins and new toys. But today is a first: today Kingsley turns 10 months of age!! Erroll calls to wish him happy birthday -just arrived back into Dubai from Singapore. We ourselves had just walked in from a two hour walk, wandering about Saronida, where we discovered a shady green children’s playground the ground of which was covered in pine cones and other botanicals.

Kingsley was in a trance, so many new objects and textures he was discovering with each step. Watching our boy delight in holding a flower between his tiny fingers (then put it in his mouth), I thought to myself just how wholesome a life we would lead if residing here in this cute beachside town, far away from city life.

A fortnight away from Dubai is a universe of difference for a little champ like out ten month old…

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