Kingsley: En route to Athens

Written on board Emirates flight en route to Athens.

Wow, well this is what it is like to fly internationally with an infant: endless preparation needed. Firstly what a killer to be woken at 6:30am for a 10am flight. But Erroll insisted and I am glad he did. Kingsley was in no mood to be abruptly awakened at that hour when usually we two are snug beneath the doona, drifting the both of us in and out of his feeding cycle till we finally rise from the family bed anywhere between 10 and noon. Next: a feed, and a good long one. Then a play, and thank God that Jiajia Dora is in the house to take hold of the baby while I shower. Next my tall glass of Berocca (taken daily in order to come to my senses), and then last minute packing, while Kingsley let loose farts.

Kingsley's first international flight: Dubai to Athens, February 2014

Kingsley’s first international flight: Dubai to Athens, February 2014

Nappy change number 1 takes us to nearly at the door. Nappy change number 2 and we are readying ourselves to exit the apartment. OMG so much luggage and 85% is for our baby. A car seat, a baby bed, a weeks worth of nappies, as well as clothing, towel, jackets and beanies. I wear the baby in a carrier as Erroll (who is accompanying mum, me and the King to the airport) carries the luggage. Baby seat must be wrapped, tickets are in hand, kisses to Erroll, and we bid each other farewell; see you darling in a week. He is off to LA with instructions to buy nappies and a baby sling, as shopping for infants in the USA cannot be beaten. Erroll in turn instructs me to enjoy the homeland. How exciting!!


Kingsley’s first international flight: Dubai to Athens, February 2014. Watching Discovery Channel with Jiajia Dora

On board the Emirates flight, Kingsley is warmly received by the crew. He is after all the most beautiful baby born. And so smiley, and charming and lovable. He gets given a baby pack, toys and infant toiletries from the kindly crew. I put him on the breast from the instant we are seated and not a peep is heard from our lamb.

Right now his sleeping in his own seat: 36E. Cute! Mum is reading a newspaper, we have both been served beverages. The breakfast service has begun.

Athens, are you ready for Kingsley? Here we come.

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