28-06-19 Kingsley: Chicken

Friday 28th June 2019

Get to school on time to pick up Kingsley, Miss Panousis leading her charges to out one by one. ‘Hi Miss Panousis! How was Kingsley today?’ I ask as I do every afternoon. She kinda giggles but tries to seem serious. Kingsley is hovering. Leo called him a chicken, she said…and Kingsley retaliated with ‘well you’re a chicken FUCK’.

Mumma & dad out child free while Kingsley calls Leo a ‘chicken fuck’ in class (!)

Dear me.

Meanwhile our son gives out stickers to some classmates. Not all; some don’t talk to him nor are his friends he tells me (I cry a little inside knowing this). So as the kids of KP walk up the stairs I note some wear the stickers I bought Kingsley yesterday. Mia, Leo, Cleo among them chipper and bid is farewell for the weekend is here.