Kingsley: 7 minus 6 days

1st July 2014

The countdown to our son’s 7th month is on. Its Ramadan, its hot, and I am stuck at work while all I wish to do is be obsessively attached to Kingsley. Still, I must practice patience, for today marks a holy day in the Islamic calendar and it would not bode well for me to crumble at the first hint of my desires (ditch work, get in pyjamas and hop in bed with Kingsley, drink and eat to my heart’s content).

In exactly one week our son turns seven months of age. And in exactly eight hours I finish work for the day, and will scoop up our son from nursery and celebrate together with a private pyjama party, eating in bed definitely allowed,

Almost seven months of age; off to nursery.

Almost seven months of age; off to nursery.

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