06-06-19 Twins: Community Nurse Visit

Thursday 6th June 2019

Our friendly community nurse pays us a visit today to see how the twins grow and I settle into life with twins. There is no doubt that the harsh difficulties of the newborn months are blessedly over (I will not easily forget how literally every cell in my brain and head and eyes was hurting from sleep deprivation).

Suanne assessed Keanu and Elektra with a cursory glance declaring them the healthiest twins she ever did see. No need to weigh them; their plump hands and ROUND cheeks say it all.

Keanu was the star of the napping routine grizzling to be put to his own bed which I did with zero fanfare; he’d had enough of the rocker and our banter. Suanne was thrilled for me (bravo mamma) and the boy (laying prone Keanu receives proper restorative sleep).

Elektra was the star on chat and facial gestures. Her entire face lights up, eyes beam and limbs bust moves when we engage her. She loves a good natter! Laying in her rocker is enjoyable though she at one point started her high pitched squalls which is code for ‘pick me up’. Suanne expressed much satisfaction that this little firecracker is well on track with her milestones.