08-09-19 Kingsley: Date with Νονά

Sunday 8th September 2019

A glorious Spring day which begins with swim school and your obligatory hot shower. Daddy tells me the old codgers watch you enjoy a steaming shower after class, muttering under their breath ‘these yiubg kids wasting all that water…’ but little could they know that we hardly ever bathe you here at home!

At home its all systems go: Aunty Marlies comes over for visits bringing you an insect house (you’ll build with daddy) and dinosaur along shots. You are polite and loving, say your thank yous and have a good chat though don’t really want to hug her.

Νονά Marlen comes over with Frank, you get shoes on, fill your backpack and out you all go for an adventure to the beach. Soft serve ice cream and a packet of French fries is all you ever want from Maccas though Frank’s persistence pays off and you share your chippies with him.

We write to Oma, letting her know these sweats are still your favourites to slouch around the house in…

Wearing sweats from Oma