23-10-19 Kingsley: Refusing School

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

For the first time ever, Kingsley has refused to go to school. Started while eating his eggs and pasta breakfast watching Nickelodeon, he casually mentioning how today he doesn’t want to go to school. Carried on like this whole while as we dress, then when I tell him ‘okay, however you must tell Miss Martina that you won’t be coming to class’ he provides ways for me to tell her. How about you go to the σχολικό and I want behind the ασανσέρ, he offers.

True tears and some hysteria develop as the school bus pulls up. Kingsley runs away! I go after him, coaxung kindky, gently then with bribes, then promises of chocolate and fluorescent frogs from the περίπτερο, and appealing to his new found confidence for ‘your friends await you!’. Miss Martina and I have to shove him through the door!

The kind driver and Miss Martina lets him touch the steering wheel through sobs, then push some buttons, and turn on the wipers. Tears stop and I moonwalk away. He’s at school from 9 till 5, and all is well.