07-12-17 He’s 4 Today

Thursday 7th December 2017

This fella looks as sweet as granma Bonnie’s pecan pie however waking me up at 2:30 am ain’t sweet. He can’t sleep any longer (!). He’s hungry. And thirsty. Oh, and needs to do a wee.

Tiptoeing out of our bedroom at least Erroll is still passed out. I suffer with this abrupt end to deep sleep, but what to do? Kingsley promptly does his wee, drinks water then milk then eats a banana…then toast followed by three Babybel cheeses, a fried egg and alphabet chicken soup (can; Campbells; the shame) and we watch bad YouTube shows to bring in his birthday sunrise.

Daddy wakes, the man can’t keep his eyes open so goes back to bed till 5 at which point Erroll tucks us back in bed and he departs for Ethiopia. But sleep won’t come easily to Kingsley. He tosses and turns then winces then whines then full on throws up all over the bed and floor. His first spew as a 4 year old!

Of course he feels much better after the spew. I of course do not. Who wants to mop and clean at 6am? Here is how Kingsley helped me mop: as a King in the nude…