04-12-18 Pokęmon

Tuesday 4th December 2018

Today I dissappear for hours on end. I’ve got a lunch date with cousin Roula. Even though it would be great *in theory to take you to lunch in the city, I’m letting you spend time with JiaJia shopping down at our village.

Your mid morning goes something like this: 1) step out with shopping trolley being wheeled by JiaJia; 2) have a sit down at Coogee Tennis Club to watch the players; 3) greet Graham the Postie with ‘hi sir, I’ve forgotten your name’. ‘Its Graham he answers’. ‘Γιαγιά γιαγιάς το όνομα του ταχυδρόμου είναι Graham!’ 4) Send Graham off with a farewell asking for our mail. 5) Now its time for a big grocery shop while mumma enjoys fresh Vietnamese prawn rolls dipped in sweet chili sauce.

At night you’re pooped. After a shower and scrub we apply the wart cream. Two poems read, hugging the Pokęmon you’re passed out dreaming of Pokęmon…