31-10-20 Kingsley: Pancakes

Saturday 31st October 2020

A miserably cold, wet, gusty, fiercely grey day with thunderstorms and lightening all morning, which washes out tennis and causes us to think of creative ways to keep Kingsley entertained, fed and out of trouble / off my phone. He goes into the pantry and discovers pancake mix, and immediately sets his sights on making Γιαγιά and Oma pancakes. Well he succeeds even serving Γιαγιά the first (and largest one) he’s ever made. And guess what? With a generous smear of honey Γιαγιά eats it up.

The rest are made and discarded when daddy announces he must go to his radiology exam on the ankle. Off Kingsley trots leaving me to attend to the battery mass. The three pancakes remain in their pans turning rubbery and by nightfall only good to be fed to chooks. And guess what? Sylvia and Matt come over with loads of fresh eggs laid in the chook barn, and in return Kingsley’s pancakes shall be fed to them!