Kingsley: Phevos

May-June 2016 Saronitha

For the duration of summer 2016 in Saronitha, we had the pleasure of knowing our neighbours directly across the hall were a very modern, approachable family made up of a stylish Athenian JiaJia, a yummy mumma by the name of Louisa and a very clever kiddo named Phevos (in the Greek Φοίβος) which meant “bright, pure”. Phevos being a transcription of the modern Greek pronunciation of Phoebus, an epithet of Apollo.

Epithets aside, Louisa when we began our fledgling friendship, confided in me that her son was acting up last year when we met properly (I remember it well, her irritated little one every time both doors would be open; Kingsley at the time being only one and a half years of age so none the wiser, but I saw that Louisa’s son was expressing his anxieties, and loudly). Fast forward to 2016, and Phevos had transformed into a sweet, calm, intelligent boy attending nursery five days a week and ready to make friends…just like Kingsley.

And this is what Louisa and I set about nurturing – the friendship between our sons…

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