13-10-17 Squălo Piccolo

Friday 13th October 2017

7:45am: can’t wake this fellow up. He’s well and truly in deep REM sleep as I type. Even bright morning light streaming into the apartment windows won’t budge him from position-on his back, mouth slightly open, barely audible snore. But school pick up is coming on 45 minutes!!!!

So this is what happens the morning after two sporting sessions for this little man. Yesterday Kingsley had swimming, at noon and soccer, in the afternoon. And now he can’t wake. But he does (of course) and eats his apple for breakfast and jumps of the school bus at 8:30.

This arvo at the playground we meet a pair of very cute friendly and playful Italio-Greek twins exactly the same age as Kingsley. The three of them hit it off immediately as among us all we had a soccer ball, two trikes, and two picnics (their Italian dad was well prepared, as I always am).

So the kiddies ate and shared toys, kicked the ball around and just as they began turning feral I introduced them to a new game: BABY SHARK. Next half hour was insane fun as other preshoolers started joining in on the fun, me the baby shark chasing the kiddies around. But the Italian dad soon christened the game in his language and it stuck, with all of us…

Squālo Piccolo us Hartleys learned is its new name!