Ch. 13: Newly Pregnant

Am I officially 8 weeks pregnant in these images? Or am I 6 weeks along? Oh its confusing…You see, unlike most couples, Erroll and I can pin point the exact date of conception (oh yeas, it was most clinical the day the “deed” was done) so the well established norm of dating pregnancy from the first day of one’s last period may stand well and good for other ladies, however the accuracy can be out by an entire week (who really knows which act hit the spot?)

For us, the date is known, and what a miraculous day that was: Sunday 17th March 2013.

8 weeks pregnant

Officially 8 weeks pregnant

Early on in the Hartley Miracle Pregnancy, friends and I took off for a day trip to the east side of the Arabian Gulf; a drive to the hot and arid Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, and there we settled in for the day at the Banyan Tree Resort. It was here that we quietly celebrated that I was finally knocked up, though only barely visible was my swollen lower abdomen, thanks to the endless jabs and injections that got me to this much anticipated state!

Officially 8 weeks pregnant

Officially 8 weeks pregnant

Zero hunger. In fact for the first few weeks of pregnancy I could not bear the thought of food. Not at all nauseous or suffering morning sickness; it was more that I did not appear to have an appetite. Normal for many women, and nothing to be concerned about. And even if I was worried, naught could have induced me to stuff food into my mouth during those weeks, at any rate.

Dubai May 2013 101

Officially 8 weeks pregnant

And so with a virgin Bloody Mary in my hand I settled in for the day soaking up a joy that was germinating from within. I repeated to myself “Alice you are now pregnant! ALICE YOU ARE PREGNANT!!”

Gee, where’s a stiff drink when you need one?

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