Good Food Diet Day 9: 16Feb13

I may be addicted to carbohydrates, albeit gluten-free ones. Its that feeling I am overwhelmed by when confronted with a packet of seaweed crackers; its all I can do to resist from tearing open the semi-transparent plastic packaging to reveal four full row of bespeckled circular wafers, all of which I, without fail – the weak creature I am – decide there and then to eat. In one sitting.

At first I embrace the taste and mouthfeel of each cracker by daintily selecting the finest from each row, lifting it to my lips (eyelids are drooping in pleasure by now), and allowing my teeth to crunch over the specially chosen shiny orb. There is a satisfying firmness to the bite. By the second row, I am hurrying through the entire packet, hand to mouth, thrilled at how absolutely yummy seaweed seems to me. My internal hands are clapping! My masticator muscles resemble a cow’s, endlessly chewing grass…

Crackers! Jones the Grocer, Dubai

Crackers! Jones the Grocer, Dubai

But in today’s particular sitting, clap and cheer me along my long suffering husband did not. With a mildly alarmed look and a “Darling…what are you doing??” I know he has caught me mindlessly stuffing cracker after cracker into my ajar mouth, eyes glazed over, forgetting myself and all that I am unconscious of devouring. It was my second packet he caught me inhaling. Addiction indeed…

Today caloric effort:

Nashi Pear (50 cal)

2 x small mango (200 cal)

2 x small oranges (140 cal)

6 x dates (140 cal)

Handful nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds) (200 cal)

Salad (rocket, cucumber, onion, tomato) (100 cal)

Roasted Vegetables (brussel sprouts, broccoli) (200 cal)

Boiled Spinach (80 cal)

Gluten Free Seaweed Crackers 150grams (700 cal)



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