05-02-20 Twins: Hand Foot & Mouth

Wednesday 5th February 2020

Today the diagnosis every parent dreads: Hand Foot & Mouth had struck Keanu. He is miserable; inconsolable without Neurofen but his throat is full of ulcers and he resists the meds! Eating is out, anything but water he cries at such is the ulceration.

Its daddy who notices his rash then his sore mouth full of white lesions. Oh plus he’s up all night and can’t play during the day. Needs cuddles which Erroll gives plenty today while I deal with Miss Elektra who is now pulling herself up onto furniture and with those chunky thighs is sure footed. Plus her appetite is a mama’s dream! Tonight for example she shared dinner with Kingsley, both enjoying beef bifteki and buttery crumpets.

Here we are at Randwick waiting for Keanu to come from the doctor, Elektra using those quads…