Kingsley: 17-1-14 Bathtime

Our baby very quickly let us know that this bath time lark is not what he was expecting when we lured him, naked, into a large tub of lukewarm water. Look, most newborns do not eagerly await their bath. Kingsley hollered loudly, scrunched up his face and balled up his hands into little fists. He sure was cranky with the perpetrators of his misery: me and his Jiajia Dora.

No matter how much ‘fun’ we tried to make bath time, Kingsley was not having any of it. We sang a few songs, we made eye-to-eye contact, squirted water from the faucet and gently massaged our baby during the bath but that only seemed to irritate the child. Mum was fine with his cries (three of her own girls and four previous grandchildren make for many bath time dramas and solutions over the years); I of course was a mess. Why wasn’t our baby cooing in delight to being immersed in water like I had read in the parenting books? Mum told me to stop being silly. Soon enough Kingsley would love more than anything his baths.

But in the meantime, we were to persevere. Bath time for our beautiful, reluctant bather…

Baby's first bath with Jiajia Dora

Baby’s first bath with Jiajia Dora

_NKN9578 Kingsley Bath

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