23-02-18 Rio’s Birthday Bash

Friday 23rd February 2018

All day Kingsley asked to either visit the park or see Haarleen or have a get together with Layla & Wyzie. And all day I’d reassure him that all his little friends are coming over to have a party here, with Kingsley. 

He proved very patient waiting for his guests and he knew it would be big by the way I was cleaning / disinfecting the apartment (mummà goes nuts with house-grooming before any bash). And when he insisted Haarleen & Miss Min had arrived I followed him to the door and lo! There they were coming out of the lift! Kingsley ran toward Haarleen and they embraced one another.

Next to come the Hassans. Both girls darting in, separating and finding favourite new toys proceed to wreck toy carnage over every surface. Kingsley at this stage on the throes of ecstasy: his three favourite friends under his roof playing with his toys!

Finally baby Kai with his mumma Rio here at Casa Hartley to celebrate her birthday. Hummingbird Café cupcakes are lit, we sing Happy Birthday, kids go crazy, Rio chucks dirham notes everywhere Gangsta styles.

At night after their bellies are filled with lasagne and spanakőpita care of mummà Dora and my own carrot/potato lemony bake, chocolate comes out. Oh and more cupcakes. We usher three out of five kids in the bath, they colour it purple with a special Paw Patrol ink and us mums get on with enjoying a pineapple mint & lime vodka on peace. Then do three cheers to the birthday girl Rio, in whose honour we gather in order to party.