07-05-17 Temple of Poseidon

Sunday 7th May 2017

The kids at our local playground for one reason or another this morning weren’t gelling with Kingsley and I sensed an unease with one particularly obnoxious 7 year old who just wouldn’t play soccer fairly with our lad even though it was Kingsley who offered up his ball for a kick. A quiet and stern word in the kid’s ear and he ceased being an aggressive, selfish brat. In fact he knew he’d better just drop the ball and walk away. Satisfied, I decide to treat Kingsley to his current favourite, kāimąki icecream, and take us both to Cape Sounio.

Exactly 45 minutes later we’re transported into the classical world of the ancient Greeks.

For five hours I had Kingsley walking among the temple ruins and marble columns. His second visit to the Temple of Poseidon (his first in June 2016) saw him less wild and less inclined to scamper over the sacrosanct archaeological remains.

Its hot and the sun is blazing and at one point we meet a delightful family of 6 from the island of Poros under a shady spot near the museum. The three mobile kids fall hard for Kingsley and all four play for the sweetest half hour evidencing his natural tendencies toward socializing and an ease about himself. As for the beautiful Nymphadöra’s brood, well they were the height of good manners and civility sharing their Sao crackers and chocolate croissants with Kingsley.

By 5pm we’re departed from the Cape very hungry but knowing JiaJia Dora has her magical meals ready for us is exciting! (That is, excitement I don’t have to cook). We’ve got chickpea soup to start then power through chicken before showers, books and bed.