29-10-20 Elektra: Playdate at Baker Park

Thursday 29th October 2020

Keanu gets to spend cosy alone time with Γιαγιά who feeds him chicken schnitzel and roast potatoes on the couch, while I take Elektra to Kingsley’s Playdate with Jensen and Jesse at Baker Park.

For a little one Elektra has a big presence playful among the wild boys even approaching the bottom of the slippery slide squeaking her joy as Kingsley slides down. The boys play rough and while they are crazed Elektra keeps well away preferring to drink water and eat watermelon with Tamy, Jensen and Zac’s nanny.

By the end of the successful Playdate we all discover that Zac has a thing for Elektra! Notwithstanding how much Elektra pokes and pushes Zac he still leans in for a kiss!