21-04-17 Friyay

Friday 21st April 2017

Its Friyay and this kid wakes up before the alarm, whispers cute chat in my ear, asks for cuddles, jumps in bed with his JiaJia (to her great delight), comes back to me and when JiaJia asks Kingsley why are you leaving me? He answers without missing a beat ‘because I want cuddles from Mummà.’

Well you can imagine the wild scenes at that moment – I am beside myself from happiness at this sweetest kid ever, squealing and wrestling him till the alarm goes off at 7:30am and its time to hustle. School pick up is in an hour.

So after literally force feeding Kingsley a banana, half an apple and some crumbs of toast we’re downstairs and he throws himself into the little yellow school bus, as happy as a clam, bound for preschool. ..