Kingsley: 16-1-14 Plantar Reflex

Have you ever seen more perfect little feet? Each tiny toe is prettily positioned and the whole ensemble is resembles an ad for footwear out of a baby magazine. Subjective? I sure am. But there is one person who cannot afford to be and that is Kingsley’s pediatrician.

Dr Ayman is Kingsley’s community-based doctor and an all-round great guy. Firstly he adores our son and praises his development (which makes us as parents glow with pride). Next, he has the ability and willingness to soothes the tyrant when he bellows in the clinic (Godsend). Finally he conducts his examinations on our baby with a gentle hand and a terrific bedside manner.

One such exam is the plantar reflex or plantar grasp. We are told that this was present at birth and will fades around King’s first birthday. The plantar reflex causes our baby’s toes to curl up tightly when something rubs the ball of his foot.

Kingsley’s plantar grasp reflex was demonstrated to Erroll and I when Dr Ayman touched the sole of the baby’s foot with his little finger. The baby’s toes flexed towards the doctor’s finger. The doctor nodded and expressed satisfaction with the results. We were all delighted.

So back at home, we decide to confirm Kingsley’s reflexes with lots of foot tickles. I find the process hilarious: we stroke the sole of his foot, his toes spread open and he turns his foot slightly inward. This reflex is infinitely fun to watch. Erroll and I are hooked…

Fingers and toes

Fingers and toes

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