12-02-19 Meet the Teacher

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Exciting milestone for me: I escape 60 Brook street (and the twins) to be 100% dedicated to Linus. For today all Kindy patents are invited to the school – and into our child’s classroom – to meet their teacher.

Its the lovely, kind, warm Miss Pam Penousis whom Kingsley is drawn to, greets with enthusiasm and respect, even hugs when its time to go. Miss P she likes to go by. With great pride does Kingsley show me around his classroom, directing me to his desk – a constellation made of 5 small desks, chairs and pocket holders for storing art – built for tiny student bums in the middle of which I find every child’s dream: pencils, crayons, rulers, scissors.

On Kingsley’s individual desk is his work book for sounds and letters, another book for earning good conduct stamps and a card with his name spelled out and decorated.

Both Erroll and I are utterly proud of the confident little communicator he’s growing up to be. Miss P tells us what we should work on at home with him so he can be even better: holding a pencil and sounding out letters. Lots of drawing and tracing then reading.

And with that conclusion we’re the last to leave, Kingsley planting a firm kiss on his beloved teacher’s cheek and farewells her with αντίο σας!