18-04-18 New Old Trucks

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Our morning ritual is set: Kingsley rises before me, rushes to the loo, wakes Dora, looks for the cat then feeds her, searches for warm bodies in the house (hooray! Success today – its Nonā Marlen in her room) and embarks on his quest for a chocolaty capuccinno. They share this ceremony while I slink about shuffling feet.

Today I leave Kingsley with his JiaJia Dora again. I’ve got a lunch date in town with cousin Roula which sees me leave at 11:20am sneaking away via the back door. Dora is entertaining Kingsley in the front yard by pointing to flowers and identifying them.

Their midday activity is baking muffins. Kingsley gets to mix the dough, add the milk and lick the bowl. While they’re at it, I find a box by the side of the road – its full of trackors and railway tracks. Its got Kingsley’s name all over it! I schlepp the box into town, hide it behind a pot plant near the concierge desk at Roula’s office lobby, enjoy a Vietnamese pho with her, and pick it up again at 2:30pm.

These new old trucks on tracks left on the side of Arden Street awaiting their forever home are a raving success at Casa Coogee! Upon clocking the box Kingsley is not at all cranky at me for coming home late though tells me a few times ‘you’re late mummà, so late! WHATS IN THE BOX? Open it, OPEN IT!’