Stay at Home Mumaa: Valentines Day

Sunday 14th February 2016

I became very nervous about the future and anxious about our financial situation the other day, worried how we would manage without me working, as we have done so this past year with me staying at home to raise Kingsley. All the big plans I have for us as a family, in my heart and kept secret from all save for Erroll, I wring my hands over, that they will be near impossible to make real. Money, as I have been taught all my life, is the solution to having it all.

But had I been working today – this first day of the working week in Dubai – I would have most certainly not had it all. For today is Valentines Day, and just by fluke of rostering, Erroll is not flying. He is at home. And so am I…and therefore so is our Kingsley. This means that we spent the day of love together, something we have not done before.

Our Valentine’s Day was simple in its execution: we each gave the other a single rose. Erroll propped up on our dining table a written card addressed to me, and I prepared for him a wholesome post workout meal of yoghurt, strawberries, banana and honey. Later, I sat back to watch father present son with a rose and let the family magic unfold.

Today – as jobless as I am, and as worried that I know I will be tomorrow about whether we will be able to afford things I deem important to us – I felt rich beyond measure. I felt for a moment that I truly do have it all, and that those four decade’s worth of Valentines I have lived through, they all were but rehearsals for the big one, the one I lived so fully today, just Erroll, myself and Kingsley….

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