27-11-20 Twins: Eastgardens

Friday 27th November 2020

I’m on the 353 coming round the corner from Eastgardens to Coogee via Malabar and parts of Western Maroubra. A woman red in face and eyes, sweaty face, oily grey frizzy short hair, teeth missing others black avd hanging from the root on purple gums (i can see as her mouth is hanging open), bandages on forearms where it looks like she’s been knived by a former drug dealer boyfriend, is sitting opposite me on the handicap seats. I’m embarrassed as Elektra cannot stop STARING AT HER.

That’s during the arvo when Keanu finally falls asleep in the car after a terrific play at Holstrom Park Willoughby with Aunty Mika and baby GG. While Keanu naps, Elektra & shop it up. She’s charming during this shop: smiling and greeting each passers-by. But today is different: for the first time Elektra prefers to walk beside me! She’s so confident in her stride! Keeping me in her sights, she holds on to my pinky as we walk from play area to loo, then to Big W, Coles, KMart and finally Woolies.