27-05-18 Funeral at Zografos

Sunday 27th May 2018

Who can even comprehend what has just happened in Phædon’s life: at age 4 losing his dad. Adequate words are very hard to come by in such tragedies so we do what is useful and practical, and look after the little man while his mum Aleka mourns her husband’s loss among family Marinos’ viewing.

Zografos Cemetery is our destination today. A full day spent in commute, in sympathy then in chasing two young boys around the tall pine trees of beautiful, serene Zografos.

Theirs is not the ability to understand this loss though Phædon every now and then states matter of factly that ‘Ba-Bah was poorly and instead of getting better he has died…’

At some later stage alone with Dorøtheos my child finds his favourite flower, plucks it and proceeds to astound me. As dandelions turn to seed, he knows to pick them, close his eyes, make a wish, then blow the seeds into the air.

This is what he said “Tha kako mia efhi – oti o babas to Phædon tha gini kala.”

In addition to granting wishes it is believed that dandelion seeds will carry your thoughts and dreams to loved ones when you blow them into the air. With this in mind both Dorötheos and I hope our friends now back on Kefalonia find peace that their family leader has now grown wings and is in Heaven.