22-04-17 Anchor Café

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Its surprisingly chilly today: cool yet sunny; fresh sea winds yet warm when the rays hit my skin. I deliberate taking Kingsley out due to the chill (silly, I know) for so long that he’s fed till he rejects any further mouthful, is bored of Nickelodeon TV and actually takes matters into his own hand finding a new friend to play with all by himself. By 12 noon Kingsley is half hanging off the balcony calling out to a little person below and making arrangements to ‘come play together’.

Hearing the replies of this boy aged 6 or so actually agreeing to meet with Kingsley was the final kick up my backside to get us out into nature. And so we did: within five minutes we’re out the door and making introductions with little Chrystos, his mum and their pup down below at our local pool club ‘Anchor’.

The boys hit it off immediately. Kingsley of course greeted the boy his usual emphatic way – with a bear hug then another then a third. I encouraged the boys to exchange names, which they did enthusiastically and then they were off exploring and playing.

First activity: run around Anchor in a wild manner chasing each other till one drops, then the other ‘helps to save his friend’ by pulling him up. Next activity: looking for snails. Seven live creatures were brought to me and lined up on the marble retaining wall I was sunning myself on. Third activity: feed the snails from the flower/herb garden. We all note with what gusto snails enjoy fresh dill. Fourth activity: kick the ball around. Soccer passes for half an hour while I secretly praise myself for bringing Kingsley’s ball everywhere these days. And always will.