Lake Vouliagmeni (Βουλιαγμένη Λίμνη)

June 2018

A letter written to family…

Dear Tina & Mika,

A new sensation we experienced! A day at Vouliagmeni Thermal Lake in the heart of the Athenian Riviera only half an hour from Saronītha.

We couldn’t find a more beautiful geological phenomenon! Blew us away! A natural thermal spa 50 meters above sea level fed by underground springs in the caves we could swim to!!

Erroll swam and was buoyed up easily due to the water’s high concentration in salts & minerals. This combined with the high water temperature (27 degrees on the day we were there) is deemed therapeutic for musculoskeletal & dermatological disorders.

The lake’s brackish composition is continually renewed because its water flows out into the sea through underwater caves and flows in from the springs blubbling before us.

We lay on sunbeds, wandered about the boardwalk, dipped in and allowed the fish to nibble on our toes.

Mika as you can see your hat is my staple headgear and Tina this sundress is ideal for Europe in summer. Xxx