21-12-20 Twins: No Toilet Paper

Monday 21 December 2020

I lose my job temper today when Kingsley refuses to get off the phone to play with his siblings. He point blank refuses! And claims he doesn’t know ‘how to play’ with with the little ones.  This I am sure is the case but I won’t countenance it. I say ‘try’. He says ‘but with what?’. So I throw him some green Play-Doh, and his eyes widen, the twins flank him and lo! They play.

Elektra cannot stop jabbering ‘Νινί, ΝΙΝΊ’ to get Linus’ attention. Keanu likes being chased but both enjoy feeling big brother’s presence. So with the threat of never having my phone to play with again, Kingsley gathers his conviction, sits outside the kitchen and the three of them begin creating joy.

We later stroll to Woolies for groceries and the insanity of this latest Covid-19 situation (70 cases state wide) has reached peak: our supermarkets have run out of toilet paper again.