06-08-16 Caboodle

Saturday 6th August 2016

It’s a type of hot that makes you wonder how anyone can survive in the desert, or in fact on any unshaded Dubai pedestrian strip for more than twenty minutes at a stretch. Me, mum and Kingsley ventured out to Citywalk this morning for a day spent at a kind of children’s indoor dayclub, called ‘Caboodle’, in the absolute height of summer heat, the kind which dries out the eyes and burns the scalp. I am used to it, but Dôra is most certainly not (boy did I hear about it) and Kingsley the poor darling knows no better, since I have him out daily, whether in heatwaves or sandstorms. (We will enjoy Dubai; Inclement weather be damned).

So out we sprang, at 10:30am, from our air conditioned apartment…and in we slunk at 3pm sweaty and heavy from eating sand after traipsing through the sidewalks of Citywalk on a mission for a cab. But before coming home we did find a moment to sit under the shade of an umbrella at the Godiva Café. It was necessary respite lest our heads explode. All worth it however for the few hours of delight Kingsley experienced at Caboodle among scores of other toddlers, some of whom he hit on the head, others he pushed over, and one he sat on after sliding down the pirate slippery slide.

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