26-02-17 Rainy Sunday In

Sunday 26th February 2017

All day the rain falls. We don’t mind; its a family day today: Erroll is in town, and I am not working (haven’t for the past two years now!) and Kingsley doesn’t yet attend nursery or school, so its a day to stay indoors and wear pyjamas and eat breakfast cereal for lunch.

While Erroll sleeps in till 4pm (yes, 4pm) Kingsley and I play with toys I have carefully put away then pull out (for the surprise factor) such as Plasticine, puzzles, LEGO and Duplo. My superstar status is settled when Kingsley takes sight of four bottles of food colouring and I agree he can play with buckets of water on the balcony. An hour of fun changing the colour of water follows and I get to reminisce on being pregnant to this little tyke back in 2013…