Várkiza (Βάρκιζα)

June 2018

Found south west of Athens along the glorious Sounio Highway the spectacular seaside suburb of ΒΆΡΚΙΖΑ is a tourist’s delight; the place Athenians flock to on weekends lying but 22 km south of Athens city centre.

As for Βάρκιζα’ς geography its spectacular: sea on this side where we splash, the Hymettus mountains lie to the northwest and the Mesogeian plain to the north. Most of the area’s streets take names from Greek mythology, and its main street, Poseidonos, forms a connection with the route running from Neo Faliro down toward the Glyfada boundary. Forests cover part of the municipality, but much of the mountainous area is rocky and grassy.

But forget all that! Make a bee-line to the fantastic Varkiza Resort. For €5 entry you get the crystalline Saronic Gulf waters, a deck chair, access to refreshing Μήθος beer and the sounds of Europe’s best DJs.