05-01-19 7th Day at Taronga

Saturday 5th January 2019

We’re on a roll! The Seal Show beckons: we must catch the ferry to see them again. Kingsley’s determined for us to pay them a visit, catch the bus with daddy through to Central and encourage daddy to ‘go to work and make some money.’

Thanks to Oma today we head out to Taronga Zoo for te seventh time, in this almighty Sydney heatwave. Its a scorcher; even I wear a bikini under a flimsy dress hoping we’ll go for a dip along the harbour. Kingsley’s swim gear is always in my day bag anyhow as just outside the penguin enclosure is a rock pool kiddies cool off in.

Highlights of our day: 1) spending half the day with Erroll at home then on the 374 bus; 2) a cooler breeze striking once we’re on the ferry; 3) talking with the friendly pelican; 4) Kingsley being chosen from the crowd by the seal master to come up the front, be part of ‘seal training’ and coax Mali the sealion to dive in the water and touch a tall hanging ball above the pool with a ‘JUMP MALI!’