Kingsley: Co-Sleeping

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

At ten months of age, Kingsley is showing no signs of wanting to leave the family crib. He is thoroughly enjoying our cosy nest and has all his life, albeit controversially, slept under a doona wedged snugly between both parents.

King and Erroll fast asleep in Dubai

King and Erroll fast asleep in Dubai

When Erroll and I told (confessed) of our daring sleeping arrangements with loved ones, we initially had to get over the shock of their responses. “You’ll-be-sorry” is all we heard from our family (funily enough), quickly followed by their dire warnings about Kingsley’s crafty manipulative skills (so young, too!) and terminal nighttime dependency. Well, we are not sorry; we’re happy. The King opened up a new whole wonderful nighttime world for us.

Truth be told, its us who wont have our baby out of our bed. We are smitten with this fella!


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