Kingsley: Our routine Day 2

2nd April 2014 8:44PM

Hi World, I am a breastfeeding and pumping working mum of an almost 4-month-old.

Kingsley visits me at work for a session of breastfeeding

Kingsley visits me at work for a session of breastfeeding

Here is our routine, albeit only begun yesterday, so today is day 2. I shall report back in a week and tell you how it goes…

6:00 a.m.: Kingsley wakes up and babbles to himself. Present his favourite stuffed toys for him to greet (Eeyore, Crunchy Bear, Elephant). We hug and kiss and chat quietly as Erroll rouses from a deep slumber. I then slink off to the loo,  beginning my grooming process for work.

6:40 a.m.: Sneak in a breast pump session at the kitchen bench (120mls. Yay!) while reading emails, checking out Facebook, and writing in this blog. Simultaneously pour myself a Berocca, pack my lunch.

7 a.m.: Change his nappy, figure Kingsley is soaked through from wee, so decide to take a bath together. Play with rubber duckies. Sing songs. Erroll dresses the boy, carry him out to the living room and they begin playing.

7:30 a.m.: Get dressed (new post-partum wardrobe is a winner!), eat a banana, drink a mug of caffeine-free green tea.

8 a.m.: Breastfeed. Allow King to fall asleep in my arms. Spend quiet time with him for 25 minutes, then gingerly place the slumbering infant in his Cocoonababy.

8:30 a.m.: Kiss Erroll and commute to work. Call Erroll en route to work to check on my boys. Can hear Kingsley babbling away.

11:00 a.m.: Erroll brings King to my office! I get to breastfeed him!! Best part of my day. We enjoy half an hour together, child on breast and I linger over his beautiful face, his blue eyes fixed on mine. HR allows me to breastfeed in the lady’s Prayer Room at the office.

11:35 a.m.: Colleagues gather round and admire Kingsley, who is charm personified: smiles, giggles, dimples. He is happy, alert and content after his feed. Bid both my boys farewell, as they leave for home and I return to my desk (boo).

Noon: Eat; I am starved. Drink loads too.

1:00 p.m.: I steal away to the lady’s Prayer Room for a half hour pumping session. Pack the bottle and store it in our office fridge. Drink loads of water and eat some snacks (hunger strikes again)

2:30 p.m.: Call Erroll to check on my boys. Erroll is playing Daddy Daycare with great pride however he now has a newfound respect for mothers – WHAT A TOUGH JOB IT IS LOOKING AFTER AN INFANT! Erroll has had the a-ha moment.

5:15 p.m.: Leave the office and hotfoot it home, calling Erroll along the way. Super excited to get the child in my arms (oh, and kiss Erroll).

5:40 p.m.: Home, shoes off, put pumped milk in fridge, take off clothes and hang up dress, into PJs and nursing top, contacts out, make-up off, face scrubbed clean, start a load of laundry (or hang up what was in the machine), wash bottles, boil bottles and pumping gear for 5 minutes then dry them. All the while Erroll is entertaining the baby as he starts to fuss, then get cranky then begins to cry.

6:00 p.m.: Change Kingsley’s nappy, put him into a sleep suit, and both curl onto the couch, computer within arm’s reach, and breastfeed till Kingsley falls asleep. Wake him for a burp, then onto the next boob.

7:00 p.m.: King falls asleep for the night. Erroll and I eat something (anything) for dinner. Neither one of us can be bothered by this stage to cook anything, so its toast, yoghurt with honey, beans, olives, cottage cheese. Anything, really.

8 p.m.: Erroll packs for his next flight; grooms, shaves, plays music. I write in this blog, check out any photos taken recently, generally feel great for being mum to Kingsley. Totally smitten by the boy. Happy to wash the dishes, however Erroll insists (as he always does) to take out the garbage.

9 p.m.: All three in bed for the night. Kingsley may nurse at this stage, or may be so pooped that its lights out for the little fella. He sleeps between Erroll and I (although I am cuddling him the most!)

12 a.m.: King wakes me for a feed. Almost second nature now to unfasten the breastfeeding clasps in my sleep; Kingsley latches like a pro. I doze off, my arm almost bent onto itself, under my pillow, as I attempt to get comfortable. Usually I end up with dead arm pins & needles. Kingsley nurses and falls right back to sleep.

4 a.m.: Wake, nurse, right back to bed.

6:00 a.m.: Start all over again.

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