23-11-18 Mumma out Again

Friday 23rd November 2018

When I finally come home at around 4:30pm you are one cranky child. Happy to see me at the front door (even giving me hugs)…but a little mad. ‘You tricked me this morning! We walked down the street to greet γιαγιά as she was coming up from Woolies then you disappeared. Where did you go? And you’ve been gone so long? You tricked me…

At least I come home bearing gifts. Maria plies me with preschooler activity books (stickers included!) so your anger is shortlived. By far yoir favourite book is the ‘Sticker Dictionary’.

Indeed mumma is out again. This time meeting Dan & Maria for lunch and for the big preggo reveal. But I know you’re having the best time ever with γιαγιά Δώρα. You guys cook, bake and share plates of food. In fact this evening while we’re all in the kitchen and γιαγιά is cooking on the hob you exclaim just how delicious her cooking smells. She of course offers you a taste – your first morsel of σαγανάκι – and you’re hooked!

You both polish off the cheese, add some eggs sunny side up and Helgas bread, while watching ‘Still Standing’ then quite ceremoniously you congratulate your γιαγιά on her cooking.

What a guy.