16-04-17 Xristös Annęsti in Kālamos

Sunday 16-04-17
A twelve hour day we spent among family in cousin Mirella’s in-law property in the seaside village of Kālamos north-east of Athens and overlooking the island of Evia. Warm, fresh with sea breezes – that was the climate for three little explorers among gardens, rose-beds and citrus trees, the three youngest cousins – Kingsley, Aliki and Vasilăki – chucking lemons across to the property across the dirt track, eating lamb from the spit, getting into mischief.

Throughout the entire day we had only  one incident of mild distress when Kingsley seemed to have rubbed the skin off his palms as he drove a metal rod into the ground. Only after a while did he realise what was making him upset – red raw palms threatening to blister and most definitely burning him up from pain. An hour of running water then ice therapy then (most effective at pain relief) clutching two beers at a time including while visiting the Holy Nave of Kalamos and its pethikī hara with the family.

Ten year old Aliki told us fairytales all the way home beginning with the Three Little Pigs then onto the Three Billy Goats Gruff then onto the Seven Goats and the Fox. Kingsley was snoring midway the Billy Goats Gruff.

Holy Nave at Kalamos