Kingsley: Adorable Things

Friday 6th March 2015

Today, on the eve of you turning fifteen months of age, my mind easily goes to all the wonderful, adorable things you have all of a sudden shown us you are capable of. And if I reflect on how I felt waaay back when you were all of five months old – when your father would bring you to me at the office to nurse, and how I told my work colleague Rasha that I could not love this baby more than I do now – well I think I am bursting with a love that has struck me dumb! For every action, reaction and gesture that comes from you is nothing short of brilliant and charming to me!

Little champ held high in the air by old Dubai mates of friend Anne Sinclair, bumped into at brunch

Little champ held high in the air by old Dubai mates of friend Anne Sinclair, bumped into at brunch

Darling child, here are a few of your noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Mastered waving “bye-bye”
  • Points to the moon, the stars when asked
  • Calls out ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Bubblebath” when I summons you to take a bath. In fact you toddle into the bathroom when I call out ‘bunyo’ (bathtime)
  • Correctly identifies bear, rabbit, fox, seahorse, dog among your stuffed animals
  • Points to carpet, door, curtains when I ask which is which
  • Enjoys putting square peg in square hole, and the same for triangle and round pegs
  • Uses the telephone to place to ear and babble ‘hallo’
  • Holds out an arm for a sleeve and a foot for a sock (though you hate with a passion being changed!)
  • Favourite word is definitely ‘bala” and ‘ball’ and uses this interchangeably
  • Favourite thing is ‘balloon’ and points excitedly when you see one
  • Enjoys filling and emptying containers
  • Insists on ‘mixing’ your heated lunch/dinner with a spoon/any utensil directly in the pan I cooked from, while I feed you in the high chair
  • Recognizes what objects are used for – fave being the broom (sweeping floors to boot)
  • Identifies favourite body parts quickly: nose and pouli! Then you go about playing with the latter, laughing mischievously!!


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