16-06-17 Scooter

Friday 16th June 2017


Since forever I’ve been badgering Erroll to take Kingsley out onto safe sidewalks / empty car lots / parks in order for him to learn to ride his scooter. I’m obsessed with his taking the scooter by storm but its not going to happen with the scooter parked in our living room. So the instant Erroll walked through the front door at 5pm after his work out at the gym my irritation couldn’t be contained. Kingsley’s got to get some outdoor exercise Erroll; he needs to practice riding his scooter I hissed.

Within minutes they’re out the door and I mope about cranky at myself for turning into an emotionally unstable woman so easily. I set about finding the lads in our neighbourhood and spreading bon homie (and taking photos of the action!)